Premium soft serve ice cream
made with fresh organic milk

Our Story

Honey Creme uses South Korea’s top fresh milk ice-cream recipes, which integrates fresh organic milk with cream, creating a new soft serve ice-cream with a rich, milky base flavor. Premium ingredients and healthy, organic foods are used in both the making of the ice-cream as well as the various toppings available.

Honey Creme’s signature “Honey Comb Soft Serve Ice Cream” is garnished with an entire honey comb, bringing out the natural sweetness of the ice-cream without using any artificial sugar. Honey Creme’s most popular topping ingredient, “Comb Honey,” is conscientiously selected from prestigious US bee farms.

Honey Creme, a trendsetter Korean soft serve ice cream

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To: Ice cream lover

We only serve you sweet memories
....... nothing else

From: Honey Creme.

Def a neighborhood gem for ppl living in the city!

Vivian Z.

Their soft serve is legit - creamy and not too sweet. It's so good even without toppings!

Stephanie G.

The honey comb added the perfect touch of sweetness to the ice cream.

Kathleen U.

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